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image - 9 Factors that Set Muraflex Apart in the Industry

9 Factors that Set Muraflex Apart in the Industry

From our European aesthetics to our own warehouse, Muraflex has strengths that are unmatched in the industry. Here are nine factors that make us stand out in the world of demountable walls. 

1. We offer variety.

With seven systems – and more in the works – we have something that’s a good fit for everyone. Add to that a myriad of finishes and designer distinction marks unique to your brand, we aim to fine-tune our products to fit your company’s specific need and voice.

A stylish QUADRO (or the Ferrari of glazed walls, as we say here) frames your space, transforming it into a work of art. ARCO is a design with a twist, literally. This spiral-shaped freestanding pod achieves maximum acoustics without a door which is perfect for larger areas. ZITTO, its mini counterpart can be tucked in any corner, against a wall, or standing proud in the middle of an open-office plan. A minimal MIMO, a finessed FINO, a practical PLANIKA; there is something for everyone. 

2. Combining Aesthetics and Function

Our whole philosophy is attention to beauty and performance. We are proud to say that our projects are often eye-catching, with the most common response being a “wow!” or a gasp. Whether we employ curved glass, decorative panels, specialty finishes, we make sure the end product completes the fundamental promises of glazed and demountable walls. Our European design is a rare treat, as is our unwavering quality. 

3. Prioritizing Acoustics

Muraflex consistently explores new ways to improve acoustics. Embracing the possibilities of the future, we keep working towards a quieter, more employee-centered atmosphere. Our walls and doors have features such as double glazing and drop seals which gives us an edge against the competition. We continue to design products that further enhance acoustics and privacy.

4. Open to Customizations.

“Let’s make it happen” is our motto. Our clients choose us because they know we care about their vision, and go the extra mile to make it a reality. We are as flexible as our products. Muraflex thrives on avid imagination and enjoys being known for its creative and innovative spirit. Which leads us to…

5. Initiative with Innovation.

Muraflex’s designs are created in both Italy and North America. All our developments take place in-house, giving us full agency over our productions. Our R&D department is dedicated to ensuring that our products are slim and reliable. They’re continuously thinking of ways to improve installation and hardware. Their current mission is towards increased production, increased efficiency, and heightened quality. Our motorized framed telescopic elevation and recess handle are just two of several innovations undertaken by the department.

6. We aim to make the world a better place.

Deloitte declared us one of the Best Managed Company for two years in a row because of how we handle our operations, both internally and externally. We pay attention to maintaining a healthy work environment, whether that means finding ways to build a better corporate culture, discovering the secrets to great management, and using our own products to induce good mental well-being. Our employees – who come from 65 different nationalities are shown appreciation through small celebrations and mentions of success throughout the year. Our external contributions range from our donations to various organizations who help solve hunger or health crisis, to toy drives during the holiday seasons. Our thoughtful HR department has implemented various training programs throughout the company. These trainings cover topics ranging from conflict management, leadership, quality control, and leadership skills. 

7. Efforts Towards Sustainability

As mentioned above, we use all our resources to make the planet a more beautiful and livable place. Our products are constantly evolving to increase a building’s LEED points and STC scores. Muraflex prioritizes sustainability in the construction industry by employing eco-friendly practices. We use fully recyclable materials like glass and aluminum in our flexible and demountable walls, which are cost-effective and efficient for redesigning office spaces. The company practices lean manufacturing to reduce material waste and minimize transportation, benefiting both business and the environment. We emphasize mechanical recycling for glass and aluminum, which retains their quality after recycling. Glass is smashed, sorted, dried, and reconstructed into new products, while aluminum is melted, shredded, and separated into alloys, ensuring recyclable material is used for extrusions and frames. These efforts showcase Muraflex's commitment to environmental responsibility and beautiful, functional products.

8. Superior Lead Times

Our well-oiled system is designed to deliver quickly. Our talented estimation department is focused on quick calculations, while our diligent warehouse staff uses inventory management software (SAP) and employs lean manufacturing for efficient outcomes. We also emphasize strong supply chains by fostering positive relationship with both clients and suppliers. We prioritize North American business to ensure reliability and accessibility by having in-person representatives all over the continent. Our operational excellence focuses on clear communication, automation, and staff training to handle disruptions. 

9. Muraflex and its Associates

Muraflex chose to expand its family and currently collaborates with other manufacturers to work as a team, some acquired by Muraflex. These companies include MGNA, Lambton Doors, LMT, Planiverre. These unions have further increased our production and presence throughout North America, enabling us to become one of the biggest providers of partitions, doors, and other architectural hardware. Aligned with our continuous efforts to enhance our capabilities in accordance with the market demand, these collaborations offer a wealth of technological education, increased production capacity, and cost-saving options.

We are excited to enter the new year with refreshed vigor. We’ve gathered our past experiences and are using them towards building greater and better accomplishments.

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