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image - A Seal of Approval

A Seal of Approval

A new product has been designed: the Click. An adjustable seal along the edge of a sliding door closes it completely, enhancing sound blockage and the overall look of the space.

The innovation at Muraflex is unparalleled.

Keeping the industry’s demands in mind, we have designed a new technology at our very own headquarters in Montreal, QC. Two years of dedicated research and testing later, the R&D department has perfected a state-of-the-art feature: the Click.

Integrated along the edge of sliding (FINO) doors, the Click enables the door to shut in a way that completely secures it on all four edges. Its multiple benefits range from style to efficiency to acoustics. Once it starts sliding, the door automatically shuts itself until the very end without human intervention.

The Click puts us at the forefront of the industry, offering an acoustic solution that challenges current architectural design standards.


Muraflex already has a drop seal on all its FINO doors, but the Click elevates sound reduction to a whole new level. The seals on all four sides of the door ensure that there is minimal acoustic leakage. The only sound we hear is a slight, subtle, “Click,” indicating that it is indeed fully shut. Pair this with the finish of your choice and you have yourself a room free for Zoom calls without compromising privacy. The superior acoustics not only benefits the occupant of the room, but it also minimizes noise distraction for the employees working outside, particularly in an open-plan office.


The Click enhances aesthetics in multiple ways. It seamlessly integrates into the door frame, maintaining the minimalist look that is essential to our brand. Whether you choose a black anodized finish or a sleek architectural bronze, the Click remains invisible. The sliding doors can be paired with either a square or round ladder pull in lengths ranging between 7” and 84”. It is designed to pause very briefly right as it’s an inch away from being shut. The Click’s aesthetics extends beyond visual into sound. Its journey ends with a final, satisfying “click,” giving audial confirmation that it is now completely closed. Once the door is sealed on all four sides, the occupant of the room can experience enhanced quiet and luxury.

Energy Efficiency

The Click also has the added benefit of significantly lower electricity usage. All four sides of the door are in complete contact with the surrounding wall. This acts as an obstacle to drafts from entering or escaping the room, maintaining the air conditioner breeze in the summer and toasty sunlight in the winter. You can enjoy this enhanced insulation along with the long-term savings that come from energy and electricity conservation.

When we think of design, we take in all senses into account. We want our walls to create a calming aura, and this is a constantly evolving endeavour. This Click is an apt example of our environment working for us. It is a beautiful solution to achieving maximum privacy with sliding doors.

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