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image - A Stunning Atmosphere with FINO

A Stunning Atmosphere with FINO

This consultancy agency  has chosen FINO with a sleek architectural bronze finish to represent their brand at their Washington branch. Exquisite and luxurious, this beautiful project makes an excellent first impression on clients, while cultivating creativity and collaboration amongst employees. They have also made thorough use of curved glass for a smooth, soothing, easy-on-the-eyes effect. 

FINO curved glass for this stand-alone room was the ideal choice in terms of maximizing space and maintaining a sense of continuity. Employees and clients can enjoy a private lounge space for work purposes. Additionally, they have opted for a room scheduler for employees to book for meetings or other professional needs. Pivot doors with ladder pulls match the otherwise minimalist aesthetic in this particular office. The somewhat monochrome decor subtly blends in with the darker architectural bronze.

The same image from a different angle is stunning in its allure. The subtle ceiling spotlights reflect delicately off the glazed walls, and the distinction markers they’ve chosen are petite and minimal.

Architectural bronze works well in both darker and lighter areas. This multipurpose room, also with curved glazing, can benefit from natural light coming in through the open-space concept while creating a sense of smoothness in the overall layout of the office. Simultaneously, it encourages and maintains a sense of collaboration.

Curved glass FINO makes yet another stunning appearance in this office space. Placed adjacent a bench with light gray fabric, it makes for a comfortable sitting area as the curved glass adds a touch of comfort while maintaining elegance.  

The firm has also made use of segmented glass, giving the space a satisfying and linear feel in addition to a warm touch. They have also installed a room scheduler, enabling employees to easily book meetings and presentations.  

FINO glazed walls for the meeting rooms enlarge the common area, creating a connection between shared and private areas. Their integration of FINO curved glass a sophisticated feel. The 38” ladder pulls on all the FINO pivot doors maintain a sense of uniformity and harmony throughout the office.

The architectural bronze finish perfectly matches this meeting room’s gray wall and carpeting, thereby exuding professional elegance. The pivot door with a 60” ladder pull makes for a discreet and minimal entrance. The ceiling lights go well with the FINO glazed wall as they subtly bounce off them.

This meeting room looks out to the cafeteria, enabling a sense of togetherness. The transforming powers of EXPO allow you to manipulate your space, turning it from an inviting, open area into a private zone. It thus can expose the meeting room to the more casual atmosphere, or resume it into a quite work area.

While the office has an otherwise sleek, modern look, subtle curved corners and hints of greenery add a friendly feel in a futuristic environment.

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