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image - Blending Two Styles with MIMO

Blending Two Styles with MIMO

Exposed brick walls, black anodized finish, and generous use of vertical mullions, this finance firm in Minneapolis has incorporated modern, minimalist elements in a space that has an antique touch. These MIMO walls exude a peaceful environment and a great platform for collaboration and imagination.

Moving away from clears and silvers, this firm has opted for a deep black anodized finish to highlight their office’s existing architectural space.

The symmetry of these double leaf doors highlights the office like a work of art. The company has additionally chosen to accessorize the space with a warm-colored patterned carpet, to add richness to the whole look.

MIMO glass walls have an ability to combine spaces, such as this merging of indoor and outdoor areas. It gives us the illusion that the outside, the meeting room, and the common area have all become one. The image below shows the same space from a different angle but gives us the same feeling.

Once again, symmetry is embraced.  The furniture is placed right in the center of the two windows, and the glazed MIMO walls of the room in either side are built as if to mirror each other, with identical angles, numbers of mullions placed at exact distances from one another, and double leaf doors with 84” ladder pulls.

The access to outdoor light reflects off the floor which is a lighter tone in perfect contrast to the black anodized finish. The vertical mullions provide the illusion of extra distance between the floor and ceiling, making everything look longer.

The gorgeous marble countertop reflects light from all sides, it’s dark base pairing beautifully with the chosen finish.

Just as the mullions in the previous image give the walls a sense of added height, so do these 84” ladder pulls, especially in contrast to the curved arch of the perpendicular passageway.

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