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image - Combine Elegance and Play with FINO

Combine Elegance and Play with FINO

One of the most prominent producers of dairy-free products, this well-established California-based enterprise has maintained their start-up feel by playing with vermillion customized extrusions, perfectly complementing their bohemian style. Their daring decisions reflect the fearlessness in their business choices as well as their representation.

Boardrooms can be an intimidating space, but not this one. Ample light from its exterior and the hint of red make it a safe, friendly area for discussion, creativity, and decision-making.

The slices of vermillion spread out sporadically perfectly complement the exposed brick walls. They also match the brightness of the blue furniture, without diminishing the smooth feel of the wood.

Once again, the FINO walls complement the tiles and the items on the shelf, bringing everything to a perfect visual balance.

Sliding doors with 48” ladder pulls add an elegant touch in addition to the pops of color in another wise neutral-toned setting. The rooms also have access to natural light thanks to the glazed walls on the other side of the office.

This dining area is all the more expansive with FINO walls and an exposed ceiling that boasts a lengthy skylight. The bulbs reflecting off the FINO glass walls add an ethereal touch, giving us the illusion of floating spheres.

These meeting rooms stand in the centre of this work area, almost as if an island. FINO glazed walls allow them to exist here without occupying an overwhelming amount of visual space.

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