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image - FINO: Rich with Variety

FINO: Rich with Variety

A local project, this Montreal-based shipping company has chosen variety within their FINO selection. The office is built on the 34th and 35th floor of the building, uses two finishes, and two types of glazing. While all its FINO doors have 48” ladder pulls, they are placed at different heights depending on the area of the office.

Choosing a subtle finish such as clear anodized avoids drawing attention away from the display case. This classic golden-silver combo creates a calm aura, making for a perfect waiting area in a minimalist space.

A clear anodized finish has been chosen here to complement the swirling bordeaux walls between each room. The FINO between the office spaces is double glazed to improve acoustics, while simultaneously providing both privacy and collaboration.

All the doors along this edge have a 48” ladder pull on either side. The handles are placed towards the bottom of the door almost as if brushing the floor, giving them a rather discreet look. Once again, the FINO walls allow ample access to view of the outdoors, filling the entire office space with sunlight.

This common resting area is all the more peaceful with FINO walls as it allows the passage of sunlight which gives the environment a sense of warmth.

While the glazing along this wall is clear, the walls behind them are blue, making it look as if the glass itself is tinted. They’ve made use of the transparency of glass without selecting the specialty option. In this way, we see a deep blue from the exterior, whereas once inside the room we enjoy the standard, healthy sunlight as we know it. Additionally, the carpet and ceiling are stitched and painted blue to give the illusion of curved glass. The black anodized finish adds a seamless finishing touch. This clever design catches the eye and makes for a rich contrast against the lighter colors of the open office plan.

Here, two powerful color combinations come together: The light and dark contrast along this “corridor” give us the illusion of elongated space, making the office even more extended and luxurious.

The offices and rooms on the opposite have used the same design throughout the space to keep a sense of uniformity and symmetry.

All comes in full circle with some clear anodized finish applied onto this section of the blue tinted glass. The silvers, whites and grays give us a cool feel while the pop of red adds texture.

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