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image - Exuding Success with FINO

Exuding Success with FINO

FINO perfectly represents the professional luxury of this Canadian legal firm in the unique city of Quebec, QC. They’ve chosen FINO with a black anodized finish on both the 6th and 7th floors of the company. It is evident that the firm is proud of their brand and has opted for the look that best represents their style as well as the existing architecture of both spaces. 

Double-glazed FINO is an excellent acoustic separation between the conference room and common area. It mirrors the staircase going upwards, adding visual texture. The black anodized finish is a perfect complement on all the present shades, whether a subtle, glowing beige or the brighter pop of mustard from the common area furniture.

This image exudes an exquisite juxtaposition between light and dark. However, the double glazed FINO walls of the conference rooms on our left are just as bright as the exterior once you’re inside them.

The double glazed FINO gives us the illusion of a staircase ascending from within the room itself. Both pivot doors have a room scheduler beside them, making for an efficient way to reserve a space in case of a meeting, a larger conference, or a Zoom call.

Above the stairs on, we get a better sense of the glossy feel. While the tones are more or less monochrome, the 7th floor entrance maintains a strong contrast of colours. The black anodized FINO pairs seamlessly with the reflective floors, furniture, and thoughtfully selected plants. The 66” round locking ladder pulls on FINO framed sliding doors as an entrance provide an extra smooth look. 

From a distance, we can see the clear harmony of the various shades of dark and gray. The black anodized FINO perfectly pairs with the minimalist furniture and the painted black wall. The room on the side behind the bench-seat adds to the reflective qualities of the space.

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