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image - FINO and EXPO to Elevate your Space

FINO and EXPO to Elevate your Space

This California-based company has chosen a blend of FINO and EXPO to highlight their brand and aesthetics. As a real estate agency, they know style when they see it. From sleek black anodized finishes to elegant 60” ladder pulls, the entire office is spacious and inviting.

EXPO is an excellent way to expand or reduce your space. In this image, they’ve used it in a way that maintains the friendly warmth of the common area, allowing natural light to spread throughout it. EXPO brings just the right about of subtle division between work and community. They’ve also included a FINO door off the side, as if an extra outlet for light and connection.

From the opposing angle, we see that EXPO glazed doors create a sense of openness within the room, giving users access to the rest of the area while still providing an option for privacy. 60” square ladder pulls accessorize the overall look perfectly. EXPO also provides an illusion of increased area.

These hallways and meeting rooms reflect light giving the office a bright, minimal look. These FINO walls and doors come with 60” ladder pulls and black anodized finishes to create a subtle contrast with the otherwise lighter tones of the office. The finish also complements the exposed ceilings. As we see here, the generous use of FINO also creates visibility throughout the office.

FINO glazed walls are what make all the difference between confined meeting rooms and space for peaceful privacy. The agency has chosen sliding doors for a smooth feel and a seamless connection to the outdoor area. 

Even, uniform, aligned: Once again sliding doors emphasize minimalism. FINO’s neat lines have an easy-on-the-eyes feel, eliminating visual distraction. The T-condition adds an extra touch of openness between the meeting rooms.

FINO and EXPO make an excellent pair, as many of our projects portray. A smart classic finish such as black anodized highlights the beauty of your existing architecture. Both systems enhance any space they’re in.

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