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image - FINO to Reflect Your Style

FINO to Reflect Your Style

Few things are more serene than a waterfront view. The Californian pharmaceutical company is fortunate to be located right by calm silver waters overlooking a marina. In order to best take advantage of this optimum location, they have chosen FINO walls. Not only do glazed walls do the obvious, which is permit the flow of light throughout the office, but FINO’s slim frame ensures a touch of subtlety and elegance. 

In order to complement the reflective quality of water, this company has chosen a clear anodized finish along with ladder pulls for a sleek, uniform effect. Through glazed walls, the entire office staff can enjoy the natural sunlight and the tranquil feel of the water.  

The clear anodized finish, along with the gray carpets and matching office furniture bring about a sense of alignment throughout the space. The reflective quality of the floors is reminiscent of the texture of water, making one feel cool on the hottest of summer days   

This firm has benefitted from extra technology that can be incorporated with our systems. Room schedulers are a perfect way to stay organized and make sure your staff has a dedicated space for meetings, presentations, and even hiring purposes.  


This exquisite waiting room below is the picture of calm success. The illusion of floating spheres is made possible with FINO from the reflection through glazed walls.  The firm has also chosen furniture such as a glass table with visible legs to match ADA ladder pulls and FINO doors with clear anodized finishes.  




Choosing an elegant and minimalist glazed wall such as FINO helps to build a peaceful, harmonious environment, where everyone from employees to clients can feel at ease.  

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