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image - Keeping Us Safe: How Muraflex Brings Social Distancing to Small Spaces.

Keeping Us Safe: How Muraflex Brings Social Distancing to Small Spaces.

With people around the world practicing social distancing and staying home as much as possible, one question begs to be asked: What about essential employees who have to work and interact with people all day?

On the one hand, working in an essential business like a grocery store or medical clinic seems extremely risky in the current climate. But, without these everyday heroes, society could hardly function. Basic services like food, medical care, medical manufacturing, and others, are vital to saving lives and sustaining our communities. For all of us, these workers put themselves at great risk.

The World Health Organization recommends that everyone maintains a distance of six feet from each other to stay safe.

Muraflex wants to help the people who put their health on the line every day. Both for their safety and the safety of the people who rely on them for food, medical care, and other essential services. The World Health Organization recommends that everyone maintains a distance of at least three feet from each other to stay safe. Most national governments recommend twice that distance. Though this is possible for many people, supermarket employees, medical receptionists, warehouse workers, and others who must interact with people and exchange goods and payment don’t have this option.

Even if the person working the register at your local grocery store could stay 20 feet away from customers, that might not be enough as MIT research indicates that a sneeze can travel up to 27 feet. Because they must operate in close proximity to the public, these workers are beginning to get sick. Not only does this have dire implications for them, but it threatens the stability of critical goods and services that people need to survive.

To help protect these essential heroes, Muraflex has adapted its production facilities of high-end office partitions to welcome an affordable, no-installation-required, plexiglass screen for retail and service applications. Because distance alone may not be a practical solution for many workers, Muraflex has created crystal clear partitions that provide a hassle-free layer of safety and security for both workers and customers.

The screens should be placed anywhere workers and customers have no choice but to come into close proximity to each other. Cash registers, service desks, reception desks, and food counters are clear locations of need. But, these screens have uses beyond customer interaction. In factories and warehouses that must continue to operate, the floor model can be placed between workers on assembly lines to add a layer of protection for workers who must work within six feet of each other. Screens can even be set up down the center of grocery store isles to create one-way lanes to minimize individual exposure.

In uncertain times like these, we should constantly look for anything we can do to reduce risks and keep people safe and healthy. If your workplace requires your workers or your customers to come within 6 feet of each other, please reach out to Muraflex so we can help you stay safer. No one is sure when these precautions may no longer be necessary, but as long as we all work together, we’ll make it through.

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