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image - Make Your Mark with MIMO

Make Your Mark with MIMO

This real estate agency has utilised MIMO as a way to make their office truly stand out. Keeping it classic with MIMO, the agency has paired its MIMO walls with wooden doors and mullions to add an extra touch of visual texture.  

MIMO is in the center and the firm has chosen two wooden doors on both its sides, bringing about a sense of symmetry. The mullions for this MIMO capture the gaze, thus highlighting the board room. The black powdercoat finish creates a smooth contrast with the white overhead ceiling bars. 

Every detail is carefully and thoughtfully selected. The black powder coat finishes complement the black marble wall as well as the shelves to the side, while the wooden doors match the wall behind the reception as well as the base of the shelves. The grey and earth tones of the furniture bring about an aesthetic balance to the space. The reflective quality of these glazed walls brings a silvery, minimal touch to this hallway.  

From this angle, we can see that MIMO here is used in a way that exudes professionalism and warmth simultaneously. Akin to a loft, one gets a friendly feel from the arrangement of the furniture and choice of wood for doors, while the mullions on the MIMO walls and room schedulers make it certain that it’s a workspace. 

The choice for a room with MIMO walls in the background of this photograph gives one the illusion that the cafeteria is longer than it actually is. The MIMO walls in the hallway also allow an extra passage of light that would otherwise be absent.  

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