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image - Muraflex + Material Bank

Muraflex + Material Bank

Muraflex is excited to embark on its new partnership with Material Bank, the world’s largest material marketplace for the architectural and design industry that ships your samples the very next morning.

What sets apart Material Bank from other platforms is the ease with which its delivery and sampling systems work. In addition to the website’s straightforward and organized layout, ordering samples has never been easier, nor more environmentally sustainable. 

Muraflex is excited to launch a brand-new partnership with Material Bank, the world’s largest marketplace for samples for design, architecture, textile, and building materials. Material Bank’s less-than-24-hour-delivery system makes it an ideal for busy clients and quick decision-making.


Clients, architects, and designers can easily browse through the Material Bank website and select by product or brand. Samples requested any day before midnight are at your door before 10:30AM the next morning, at no additional cost. Shipment is free throughout the US and Canada. 

Environmental Consideration 

Material Bank's reuse-before-recycle attitude allows for return of trays after use. They also pay for carbon neutral shipping and are an excellent resource/platform for finding recycled material, LEED compliancy, and reduced emissions. 

For more information about Muraflex and Material Bank, click here.

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