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image - MIMO for an Elevated Look

MIMO for an Elevated Look

This Portland-based law firm specializes in labor and employment cases, so it makes sense that they have chosen a glazed system that benefits their own employees and their clients, whilst simultaneously considering environmental health. Classic and elegant, MIMO is a true demountable wall that comes in an array of finishes with plenty of room for customizations. To keep a uniform look, the firm opted for clear anodized finishes throughout its office, giving the final look a sleek and cool touch.  

In choosing MIMO, this law firm wants the best for its clients and employees alike. MIMO walls create a sense of collaboration and harmony whilst simultaneously adding a sleek and luxurious touch. Along with clear aluminum anodized finishes and 48” ladder pulls, the final look is clean, minimalist, and elegant. Glazed walls such as MIMO give a sense of expanded space, and therefore contribute to a clear and creative perspective for maximum productivity and collaboration.  

Not only do glazed walls such as MIMO make your workspace elegant and luxurious, they allow for the passage of natural light throughout the office. Clear anodized aluminum finishes perfectly complement their marble floors and reception desk.  

MIMO glazed walls provide an expansion of a room, as well as visual access to the rest of the office. Whether your meeting has participants of five or 15, MIMO is perfect for anyone who enjoys the illusion of large space.

Clear anodized extrusions are a perfect elegant touch to any passageway, giving a sense of sleekness and minimalism. Complemented with 48” ladder pulls, MIMO allows the passage of natural light throughout the office, whether you’re in an open waiting area or a more compact meeting room.  

MIMO allows the entire office to experience breathtaking views of the city as well as natural sunlight throughout the year. The firm has chosen a combination of sliding and pivot doors for their 20th floor office, giving visual access to the outdoors.  

Glazed walls such as MIMO have multiple benefits, ranging from collaboration, to acoustic privacy, to access to natural light and the exterior world. The numerous options available for MIMO enable it to easily accommodate the current layout of any space. A vastly luxurious and functional option, MIMO automatically elevates any office or commercial space.  

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