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image - Muraflex’s New York Showroom – An Exercise in Modern Solutions

Muraflex’s New York Showroom – An Exercise in Modern Solutions

With Times Square on one side and the Empire State building on the other, Muraflex’s Grand Showroom at Broadway and 38th, sits in the heart of midtown Manhattan.

Like the city in which it’s located, the Muraflex showroom brings together the best that the world has to offer in terms of breathtaking design and brilliant execution.

The showroom & its products

The products showcased within the New York showroom transcend mere interior design elements or demountable glass walls, and dive fully into the realm of possibility, thought, and potential. These ideas are much larger than the products themselves. Of course, individual products are featured. And yes, their design and engineering are impressive and award-winning. As guests walk in, their eyes can’t help but be drawn to the FINO Jewel Box, with its curved glass walls defying expectations and normal conventions about how impressive office interiors have any right to look. But it isn’t just about the products.


The New York Showroom is about what a modern office environment can be. Unrestrained by convention and tradition, Muraflex has brought together the best of minimalist, international design with innovative, precise engineering to expand the visual and practical possibilities of office interiors. Why compromise when your office could be both open concept and set up for quiet privacy? Why shouldn’t glass partitions and demountable walls feel like works of art that elevate the mood of the workers who spend hours within them? Why can’t an office be full of natural light while still being private?

Muraflex has spent years leveraging industry-leading expertise to resolve these issues in ways that don’t require our clients to compromise. These are the boundary-pushing ideas that allow our clients to be flexible and effective in ways that the modern workplace demands. Whether your office needs open space or a private meeting area that reduces sound and allows all within and without to concentrate, the entire Muraflex line of products is all about giving you options that are both aesthetically and practically appealing.   

The virtual tour

Of course, the current global health situation has made in-person operations more difficult. Though the showroom is not open to the public, private tours with all precautions are available by appointment.  However, you are not restricted to in-person visitation. As with our products, Muraflex is always working tirelessly to ensure that client needs are both met and exceeded. To facilitate access to our latest products, Muraflex partnered with Kimiko Design to create virtual tours that allow you to move about the showroom, learn more about specific products, and see how the different product lines interact within a space, all from the comfort of your home or office. You can access the virtual tour here to see for yourself what the future of office interiors has to offer.  And, if you’d like a more thorough, guided virtual tour, you can contact us to set up a personal virtual tour where all of your questions can be answered.

The options available to you for touring the New York showroom mirror the options that our products provide you. In both cases, they fit your specific needs and allow you the flexibility to meet current goals while enabling you to deal with future challenges. Take a minute to see for yourself what happens when Italian design is brought to life by international engineering in the heart of New York City.

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