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image - Muraflex Showroom Wins Three Gold Certifications from Grand Prix du Design!

Muraflex Showroom Wins Three Gold Certifications from Grand Prix du Design!

Congratulations to NEUF Architect(e)s for winning three Gold Certifications for Muraflex's Montreal Showroom!

We are excited to announce that the Muraflex Showroom, designed by NEUF Architect(e)s, has been awarded Gold Certifications from the Grands Prix du Design under the discipline of interior design in three separate categories: Offices over 54, 000 sq. feet, Agile Work Environment, and Showrooms. 

The Grand Prix du Design is an international award granted to the most excellent designs throughout the globe. The disciplines cover architecture, construction and real estate, interior design, landscape and territories, product, communication and branding, and art and photography. The Grand Prix du Design considered the building’s functional size, the flexibility of the space, and the fact that it simultaneously operates as a showroom, office, and a warehouse.

NEUF Architect(e)s was founded in 1971 and is one of the largest architecture and design firms in Canada. They value innovation and are known for constantly embracing new technology and ideas. They have designed landmarks such as the Biodome Migration and Birks Hotel in Montreal, and various other public places such as hospitals, schools, and libraries. As one of the most prestigious of design firms in Canada, their work ranges from urban designs to interiors in both commercial and residential spaces all over Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa. A multiple-time winner of Grands Prix du Design in numerous categories, NEUF Architect(e)s has also attained countless other awards, including Prix Habitat Design, Architecture MasterPrize, NACIA, LOOP Design Awards, and IDA Design Awards, just to name a few.

Working along NEUF Architect(e)s, the Muraflex Montreal Headquarters was designed to be multipurpose. The building serves as a manufacturing center and offices for all production and management purposes. Additionally, it doubles as a showroom. Clients and sales reps are conveniently able to view all our operations in one place, as well as get a sense of what the products look and feel like in real time.

We aim to present our product in the best light. NEUF Architect(e)s helped us in doing so, making it easily accessible to anyone interested in the products themselves, how they’re made, and how they look. We provide a crystal-clear vision of what they will look like in a given setting, making it efficient for clients and visitors to envision the final result. 

As a workspace itself, NEUF Architect(e)s purposefully designed the Muraflex office as an employee-friendly space. A vast open-plan office with glazed walls makes for maximum collaboration while simultaneously enabling the passage of natural light and air circulation throughout the office.  The first floor has a spacious cafeteria, able to withhold a plethora of appliances and seating for over 100 people. NEUF Architect(e)s also incorporated kitchens on each floor where employees can grab a quick coffee, tea, or snacks from the mini-fridges.

Once again, we are thrilled that NEUF Architect(e)s’s functional and sophisticated design was awarded Gold Certification in three categories. We thank them for their collaboration and efforts, and are optimistic about future successes. Congratulations, NEUF Architect(e)s and Team Muraflex!

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