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image - Open Your View with EXPO

Open Your View with EXPO

This customs broker company uses both MIMO and EXPO to merge practicality, professionalism, and accessibility within the same setting. Black anodized MIMO and EXPO perfectly complement the otherwise gray and white theme of the rest of the office, bringing about a solid and polished feel.

EXPO is ideal for a larger area. As a telescopic door, it gives you the option to open or close without actual architectural occupying an enormous amount of space. EXPO also adds luxury to your space, giving it a sense of openness without compromising privacy. The visual access and passage of light further enhance the sense of airiness, perfect for employees who need an unconfined vision to feel at ease.

Both MIMO and EXPO augment your LEED score, as they are fashioned from eco-friendly materials. Transparent walls not only enhance visibility within office spaces but also grant access to natural sunlight. Opting for local sourcing entails not just quicker product delivery but also diminished transportation, showcasing your environmental mindfulness. In essence, MIMO and EXPO offer an intelligent and effective means to enhance the aesthetics of your office while remaining environmentally conscious.

Telescopic doors are an excellent choice for this cafeteria, enabling multiple people to enter simultaneously while also giving the option to keep it closed and eliminate noise transfer. This EXPO comes with both a motor and pulley relief, so it can be opened automatically as well as manually.  

MIMO stands as a timeless choice, embodying a contemporary and simplistic design in the realm of adaptable partitions. Offered in a range of finishes, MIMO has the capacity to stand independently at heights reaching 10 feet, and its potential is boundless when incorporating clerestory elements. Its sturdiness and resilience facilitate swift and hassle-free installation, seamlessly adjusting to your existing flooring.

Black is back in style, and this company is embracing darker hues to keep up with the trends. The double-glazed MIMO walls prevent the otherwise compact space from overcrowding with noise.

Merging casual and professional, EXPO makes this cafeteria inclusive and inviting. Simultaneously, these telescopic doors give the option of privacy with materials taking up minimal space. The FINO door beside it has a 48” inch ladder pull, making for a smooth contrast with EXPO’s non-locking flat handle of the identical length.

When opened, the same EXPO truly highlights this space as if a curtain parting to reveal a theatre stage. The gradual reveal sets an alluring and captivating welcome, encouraging a break from work and an opportunity to discuss the details of the day, or disconnect.

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