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image - Subtle Simplicity - FINO

Subtle Simplicity - FINO

The interiors of this boutique legal firm mirror its clientele demographic. From the entertainment and media industry to real estate, the layout and di-chrome color combination give a feel of cool early summer days with exciting things about to happen.

The shade of the flush wooden sliding doors matches the flooring and cupboard of this break room. Since there is enough wood to go around from this visual angle, the architects chose a black anodized FINO pivot and sliding doors.

The set of double pivot doors on this side of the breakout room is identical to the one directly across from it. This makes for an expansive space and a fluid entrance and exit on both ends.

The designers chose to play with size and illusion. One of the ways in which they did this is by adding wall sconces on the doors alongside the 48” ladder pulls for a contrast. From this angle, the hallway is full of professional possibilities, giving one the feeling of simultaneous calm, success, and longevity.

Classic and neat, this is what older generations would call “a smart look.” The shade of the wood, finish, and 48” ladder pull complement the office furniture perfectly, showcasing the deliberate steps taken to compose this look. It should be added that the sliding door is unframed, making it easier on the eyes with minimal visual details.

Wooden doors assembled between two glazed walls provide a high-end feel, and a tad bit more privacy than a fully glazed solution.

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