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image - ZITTO: Best of NeoCon for Sustainability

ZITTO: Best of NeoCon for Sustainability

Muraflex is proud to announce ZITTO as the Best of NeoCon ’22 winner for sustainability! 

2022 has been a good year to Muraflex. One of our favorite moments was when Best of NeoCon ‘22 announced ZITTO as a winner in the sustainability category. Compact, elegant, and environmentally conscious, ZITTO is a welcome addition to any office. So, what makes freestanding pod ZITTO worthy of a Best of NeoCon award? Each aspect of ZITTO – from its manufacturing to the materials used – considers the well-being of the environment. Muraflex prioritizes the health of its users and the environment with sustainable designs and materials. ZITTO is no exception.


ZITTO is Muraflex’s freestanding pod, designed for optimum acoustic performance and maximum privacy. Easily placeable anywhere, ZITTO has glass doors which allow the passage of natural light through it. ZITTO comes in two versions, Uno and Due. Uno is built for individual use while Due accommodates 2-4 people at a time. Both are manufactured at our local warehouse in Montreal and are perfect for anyone looking for a peaceful space within an open-office plan. They can be used for Zoom meetings, brainstorming sessions, interviews, quick meditations, etc.

The two versions, Uno and Due, are manufactured for anyone looking for a peaceful space within an open-office plan. Uno is made for individual use while Due accommodates 2-4 people at a time.


ZITTO is manufactured at the Muraflex headquarters in Montreal, where we practice lean manufacturing. Our waste management system includes large storage boxes of aluminum, which are retrieved for recycling on a weekly basis, thereby recycling a vast majority of our excess material. Our state-of-the-art machinery and use of SAP ensure the reduction of unnecessary consumption. Smart manufacturing uses all its tools at its disposal: ZITTO's parts – such as its door – are made from other product lines optimizing its lifecycle. ZITTO is a European design created in North America, which means less time, fuel, and resources are used during transportation to achieve the same level of elegance and efficiency. Its local advantage reduces lead times whilst maintaining European aesthetics.


The materials used in ZITTO are either made from previously recycled material or are themselves fully recyclable. The interior panels – designed for superior acoustics – are made from 100% recycled denim.  ZITTO’s aluminum frame is fully recyclable, retaining a 100% of its quality after going through the recycling process. The light switch installed in ZITTO offers LED light dimming and ensures the product’s longevity, just as its superior ventilation and adjustable airflow preserves concentration and alertness. All the electric components in the pods are energy saving as they use one light bulb’s worth of energy.


As a company that cares equally about the environment as it does about the wellbeing of its users, Muraflex’s designs take aesthetics, functionality, and user satisfaction into consideration. Both ZITTO versions - Uno and Due - come with a ventilation system to keep the air refreshed, and light dimming options for the user to adjust according to their desire. ZITTO is also available with optional add-ons such as screen, power outlets, and transactional shelves.

Uno is the perfect sanctuary when you need some me-time, whether that’s for writing an email, a break from noise, preparing a PowerPoint presentation, taking a Zoom or phone call, or simply partaking in some quiet meditation for refreshed productivity. ZITTO’s double-glazed doors give you the privacy whilst simultaneously giving you access to natural light.

Due is also excellent for privacy whether a one-on-one interaction or a small group of up to four. Imagine conducting an interview while the candidate has a view and a better idea of how things work around the office, or a quick meeting with your intern without occupying an entire extra room. They are also a convenient way to impress clients, as users can experience the buzz of your work environment in a silent, undistracted space.


Good for the environment, good for the people and good for the building, ZITTO is a sustainable solution all around. The presence of ZITTO eliminates the need for an entire extra room, thereby saving costs on constructions or materials. ZITTO in Italian is akin to “hush” or “quiet” in English. Acting as a form of sound control, ZITTO - even in its name - is committed to reducing unwanted noise. With acoustics a priority, ZITTO offers double glazed walls with a 3-inch air chamber, high-grade carpets, insulated acoustic wall panels, and a framed door with a mechanical drop seal.


Beauty is no small matter when it comes to better mental wellbeing. Humans thrive better in an environment that’s easy on the eyes, whether that means abundant natural light or minimalism.

ZITTO’s fully recycled inner panels are available in three colors, designed to pair with the several color options available for the exterior panels and enameled frames. As per Muraflex’s commitment to elegance, ZITTO’s concealed hardware makes for a clean and polished look. ZITTO is additionally available with furniture options such as stools and benches. Its sophisticated frame immediately invites the viewer to step inside its experience, serving as a refuge from the outer world while providing visual access to it.

What’s more, ZITTO is designed to be customizable which means that you can choose the ZITTO that’s perfect for your office and brand. This visual treat acts as a stylish accessory in addition to all its productive functions.


Everyone benefits from a freestanding pod. If you are an individual who thrives in silence, needs an occasional break from the office buzz, or simply need privacy to speak to your colleague or supervisor, ZITTO is your quiet retreat from the world.

Designed to please everyone, ZITTO adds style to any office space without compromising health or environment. Whether to impress your clients or give your employees a treat, ZITTO is a beloved addition to your work environment.

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