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EXPO makes your space adaptable and dynamic. It’s a telescoping door system that allows you to use what you have to create what you want. Open space. Private rooms. Natural light. Soundproof privacy. Whatever you have in mind. Highly expandable, functional, and dependable, EXPO helps you think about square footage in a new way.

Unique Solution

A unique ceiling-hung construction is what makes EXPO stand out. A patented upper attachment allows EXPO’s panels to hover just millimeters above the floor—and glide effortlessly when opening and closing. Inter-locking and telescoping construction provides the structure to resist bowing and flexing. That’s because each panel in the system is linked to the one next to it. The benefit: Even without a floor track or threshold, EXPO stands its ground. It’s an industry-leading system that provides dependable separation when you need it, and leaves no trace when you don’t.


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A broad selection of hardware is carefully engineered to exacting standards that will provide you with the greatest strength, durability, and reliability in the slimmest profile possible. Here are some of our ladder pull options.

Top ladder pull
Bottom ladder pull
Bottom ADA ladder pull


Customize your extrusions to brand your workspace. Offering limitless options in anodization and powder coat finishes, Muraflex also has state of the art technologies to create unique finishes such as polished, brushed anodized, and wood veneer.

Anodized Clear
Anodized Champagne
Anodized Black
Anodized Architectural Bronze
Anodized Medium Bronze
Anodized Polished
Brushed Anodized Clear
Brushed Anodized Black
Powder Coat Matte Black
Powder Coat Matte White
Powder Coat Light Grey
Powder Coat Champagne
Powder Coat Charcoal
Wood Veneer Light Oak
Wood Veneer Walnut
Wood Veneer Wenge

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