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EXPO™ makes any space adaptable and dynamic. With the click of a button, you can instantly transform from fully open space to individual meeting areas. The telescoping door system features single or double framed glass panes with drop seals for superior acoustics, a motorized synchronized pulley system for a flush profile when opened or closed, an integrated handle, and a stunning look in your choice of Muraflex finish.

Unique Solution

Customize the system to satisfy any needs or styles. With framed doors, EXPO can accommodate single or double glazed panes and is available in Muraflex finishes including anodized, powder coat, and brushed. Rather than glass, you can also choose to replace panes by wood for a completely different look.

Integrated Handle

EXPO™ offers an integrated handle to allow the system to stack without staggering in a closed position. The handle is available in a flat or beveled finish.

Flat non-locking handle on a single glazed system
Flat non-locking handle on a double glazed system
Beveled non-locking handle on a single glazed system
Flat locking handle on a single glazed system
Flat locking handle on a double glazed system


Customize your extrusions to brand your walls. Offering limitless options in anodization and powder coat finishes, Muraflex also has state-of-the-art technologies to create unique finishes such as polished, and brushed anodized.

Anodized Clear
Anodized Black
Anodized Architectural Bronze
Anodized Polished
Brushed Anodized Clear
Brushed Anodized Black
Powder Coat Matte Black
Powder Coat Matte White
Powder Coat Light Grey
Powder Coat Champagne
Powder Coat Charcoal
Powder Coat Medium Bronze


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