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Thin. Modern. Architectural.

Clean lines and thin profiles. Reveal the beauty of every interior space while enhancing architectural features and letting in more natural light. Inspired by a sleek design aesthetic, FINO™ from Muraflex is a streamlined demountable glass wall solution, providing flexibility and convenience with less bulk. Made from fully recyclable aluminum, Muraflex offers European style with domestic lead times.

Unique Solution

FINO™ is a leader in innovation and engineering with superior quality in performance and design. Minimal and elegant, FINO™ has an exceptional design, and any architects dream, of perfect alignment. With the need for superior acoustics and achieving higher STC scores, all FINO™ doors, whether swing or sliding, are inimitably engineered to perfectly seal closed.


With a profile less than 1/16" thicker than the glass it holds, FINO™ is available in single, double or curved glaze.

FINO Single Glazed
FINO Double Glazed
FINO Curved Glaze


Muraflex doors are carefully engineered to exacting standards that provide you with the greatest strength, durability, and reliability, in the slimmest profile possible. A wide range of options are available for our FINO™ doors including magnetic lock, hold open, soft closer, etc.

Framed Single Glazed Pivot Door
Framed Double Glazed Pivot Door
Wood Pivot Door


Our hardware options are endless. Here are some of our lever and ladder pull options.

Flat head locking lever
Square wood locking lever
Curved locking lever
Standard round wood locking lever
Top and bottom ladder pull
Bottom ADA ladder pull


Customize your extrusions to brand your walls. Offering limitless options in anodization and powder coat finishes, Muraflex also has state of the art technologies to create unique finishes such as polished, brushed anodized, and wood veneer.

Anodized Clear
Anodized Black
Anodized Architectural Bronze
Anodized Medium Bronze
Anodized Polished
Brushed Anodized Clear
Brushed Anodized Black
Powder Coat Matte Black
Powder Coat Matte White
Powder Coat Light Grey
Powder Coat Champagne
Powder Coat Charcoal
Wood Veneer White Oak T2
Wood Veneer Walnut T2
Wood Veneer Wenge T2


For more details on our FINO™ system please consult our resources page for brochures, documentation, and more.

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