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Let in more light. Show off architectural elements. Change your floor plan at will. MIMO from Muraflex is not only the most slender and sophisticated demountable glass office wall solution, but also the most versatile, flexible, and convenient. Made from fully recyclable aluminum, frames are available in innumerable colors and finishes and can accept an endless variety of wall materials.

Unique Solution

MIMO is a true demountable glass office wall system. Which means it is installed over existing flooring, accommodates all kinds of doors and storage systems, can be fully wired and can be easily moved and reconfigured. So if you staff up, you can switch it up. If you change your mind, you can change your walls. With MIMO, you get minimal frame, with maximum adaptability.


Built and designed at home benefits the environment as well as our customers. Choose MIMO and you’ll get LEED points for everything from sourcing within 500 miles to using recyclable materials and increasing access to natural light. And of course, by using MIMO’s slender frame to create open, modern, graceful interiors, you’ll make fans of each person using the space every day. Browse through our technical information or our FAQ to find answers to commonly raised questions. If you have any other questions or which to receive additional documentation, we encourage you to contact us.


MIMO frames come in any of 17 carefully-selected, design-savvy standard finishes and colors; custom colors are limited only by your imagination. Most important, because our frame and brackets are so slim, you’ll see more of whatever material you choose.


As long as it can be glazed, we can make a wall out of it. In glass of course but also in wood, steel, coated aluminium, textile, polycarbonate, coated gypsum or writable board - we can incorporate it into our MIMO extrusions. Which means your options are almost endless.

MIMO Center Glaze
MIMO Offset Glaze
MIMO Double Glaze


MIMO frames and hardware are carefully engineered to exacting standards that provide you with the greatest strength, durability, and reliability, in the slimmest profile possible. Minimal. Modern. It’s all in our name. A wide range of options are also available for our MIMO doors including magnetic lock, hold open, soft closer etc.

MIMO Single Glazed Frameless Pivot/Hinged Door
MIMO Single Glazed Framed Pivot/Hinged Door
MIMO Single Glazed Frameless Sliding Door
MIMO Single Glazed Framed Sliding Door
MIMO Frameless pocket door
MIMO Framed pocket door
MIMO Wood Pivot/Hinged Door


Polycarbonate Glass to Glass Junction
Polycarbonate T-Condition Junction
Polycarbonate Corner Condition Junction
Aluminum Glass to Glass Junction
Aluminum T-Condition Junction
Aluminum Corner Condition Junction


MIMO extrusions and panels come in a variety of finishes and materials. Glass panels: Clear tempered, Frosted laminated, Low iron, Ultra clear, Star fire, Writeable, Etc. Solid panels are available in: Wood veneer, Fabric tack, Plastic laminate acrylic, Decor metal drywall covered with vinyl, Painted drywall, Etc.

Black anodized
Polished Silver
Champagne anodized
Architectural Bronze
Medium bronze
Black powder coat
Grigio powder coat
Metalic silver powder coat
Taupe powder coat

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