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Modular walls. Stylish. Smart. Safe.

PLANIKA demising demountable office wall systems are fully demountable offering versatility and flexibility of design in any space without the long-term commitment of conventional drywall construction. Its steel structure is robust and its modularity makes it easy to interchange panels and add furnishings in no time. Electrical and plumbing ready, safe and easy to clean, PLANIKA is the perfect solution for all settings including office, retail or hospital, and other healthcare services.

Unique Solution

PLANIKA provides the freedom to customize your workspace using several different colors and material choices. Going from mismatched surfaces on either side of the partition to the insertion of hanging furniture, the possibilities are countless. PLANIKA demising wall system allows the flexibility to change your mind as many times as you like without even affecting the internal structure of the system.

Internal Structure

The inner structure is comprised of slotted horizontal and vertical stud extrusions creating a solid frame. PLANIKA’s slotted frame design allows easy interchangeability of various skin options and the passing of electrical wires. PLANIKA can absorb any structural condition with sill and ceiling connectors that are fully adjustable with a total tolerance of + 2 3/8” at either the top or bottom track. With PLANIKA’s unique pressure mechanism, uprights are easily demountable and adjustable.

Adaptable Connectors

PLANIKA sill and ceiling connectors are fully adjustable, easily demountable and can absorb any structural condition. Uprights are held in place at the sill with an adjustable pressure stud bolt. Ceiling upper springs or brackets can be applied for bulkhead conditions with the pressure mechanism or fastened with screws.

Floor connection: Lower fixed connection
Ceiling connection: Spring connection


The PLANIKA demising wall system is flexible and customizable with many integrated accessories and furniture options.

Flat handle
Curved handle with lock
Button handle
Steel built in cabinet
Wood built-in cabinet

Steel skin

The steel skins stand out for their high aesthetic value and performance in terms of security, versatility and durability, ensuring a strong resistance to wear and tear. The steel panels can be supplied with magnetic accessories rendering the system extremely customizable from a user perspective. A wide range of magnetic accessories are available: hooks, shelves, wall file bins, and pencil holders, all which can be applied quickly and easily. With the addition of a special coating, the steel panels can be converted into writable surfaces, adding to the versatility of any space.

White (writeable / magnetic)
Silver (writeable / magnetic)
Powder coat custom color

Wood skin

PLANIKA’s wood skins bring a warm style to the partitions for a more comfortable and welcoming ambiance. The wood finish partition system offers a fast turn-around in terms of design, manufacturing and installation, making the entire process very efficient. The wood finish panels are lightweight and easy to hang directly onto the steel structure, reducing the time required to complete the installation.

Oak - Axe Finishing
Elm Caffè - Timber Finishing
Elm Cipra - Timber Finishing
Elm Rosé - Axe Finishing
Pampas - Wow finishing
Elm Honey - Timber Finishing
Bruciato - Eraora Finishing
Urban Wall - Urban Finishing
Urban Iron - Urban Finishing
Urban Korten - Urban Finishing
Urban Concrete - Urban Finishing
Mohair - Trama Finishing
Oxford - Trama Finishing
Shetland - Trama Finishing
Tweed - Trama Finishing
Sabia - Laccata Finishing
Tortora - Laccata FInishing
Custom color