Framed architectural
- glass partitions

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Highlight your workspace

QUADRO is designed with elegance and prestige in mind. With its recessed reveal, QUADRO creates a picture frame effect highlighting your office space like a work of art.

Unique Solutions

QUADRO makes it easy to meet your own design needs by making your office space luxurious on both the inside and outside. By mixing and matching profiles and finishes, you create your own ambiance.


QUADRO offers various acoustical performances depending on the chosen configuration including single glazed, double glazed and double glazed with decorative panel in the center.

Single Glazed
Double Glazed
Double Glazed with decorative panel


Framed Single Glazed Pivot Door
Framed Double Glazed Pivot Door
Framed Single Glazed Sliding Pocket Door
Framed Double Glazed Sliding Pocket Door
Wood Pivot Door


QUADRO's unique recessed reveal profiles are fully customizable. Select from 14 standard finishes including brushed, anodized, wood veers and custom powder coat to make your work environment stand out.

Veneer (wood wrapped aluminum extrusion): White Oak
Veneer (wood wrapped aluminum extrusion): Walnut
Veneer (wood wrapped aluminum extrusion): Teak
Brushed black anodized
Brushed silver anodized
Architectural bronze anodized
Medium bronze anodized
Clear anodized
Polished Clear Anodized
Metalic silver powder coat
Taupe powder coat
Black powder coat
Custom colors