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REVEAL is a top-of-the-line demountable partition system that delivers Muraflex's best acoustical performance and project integration. Fashioned with a namesake reveal that runs along the top and bottom profiles and continues on all sides, it has a built-in tolerance that works to camouflage irregular construction, including unevenness in the floor slab. Three-inches deep and available double- or single-glazed, the system — which appears to float off adjacent surfaces for a lighter, more elegant look — is the ideal solution when peace, quiet, and aesthetic detail matter most.

Elegance in the Design

REVEAL sets a new standard in design elegance with its meticulously crafted features. All hardware is ingeniously concealed within the frame, resulting in a clean, minimalist aesthetic that exudes sophistication. This attention to detail and commitment to quality make REVEAL not just a functional addition, but a stunning centerpiece in any modern office setting. Experience the true essence of refined design with REVEAL.


REVEAL is available in Single or Double Glazed. The glass is flush with the aluminum extrusions, creating a seamless and continuous line that enhances the visual flow of your space.


Customize your extrusions to brand your walls. Offering limitless options in anodization and powder coat finishes.

Anodized Architectural Bronze
Anodized Clear
Anodized Black
Powder Coat Champagne
Powder Coat Charcoal
Powder Coat Medium Bronze
Powder Coat Light Grey