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image - How Training Enhances the Working Experience

How Training Enhances the Working Experience

Empowering your employees is a mark of a thriving company and an inspiring work environment. Muraflex is all about growth and evolution. As such, we invest in the progress of our employees consistently.

Regular festivities throughout the year, free gym and parking, and online courses for certain departments are some examples just to name a few.

HR took this a step further with training programs for the Warehouse and Production employees.

Training promotes job satisfaction, gives employees a sense of higher purpose, and expands their future visions.  We want them to feel heard, and education is one of the many ways we show it.

There are two types of training currently underway: a general training for the department, and a supervisors’ training for team leads.


General Training

The general training for warehouse and production includes the following sections:

1.     Onboarding

2.     Theory and procedures

3.     Technical aspects

4.     Product aspects

5.     Quality Control

6.     Integration – Field Service Training


The group training covers topics such as conflict management, team management, exercises on leadership, motivation, and guidance. Another end goal is to create awareness about quality control and maintaining safety.

They make sure to keep the training fun, interactive and engaging. When it comes to creativity, the HR department spares no effort.

The onboarding section takes advantage of apps such as Kahoot, and is full of games, quizzes, interactive surveys, and evaluations. Snacks are provided for extra motivation and energy. Some of these exercises and games can even be executed remotely.

Supervisors’ Training

Teaming up with sectoral committee of Emploi Quebec, this program was designed to enable warehouse and production team leads to polish their management skills and accelerate internal promotion.

This training consists of three parts: Theory, evaluation, and coaching. The topics range from field work to laboratory services. The HR department wholeheartedly invested time and finances into this training. The research took approximately two months and $10K to learn, prepare and perfect.

The trainees also received individual coaching, so that each team lead can cultivate on what they could specifically improve.

Both programs have long- and short-term advantages.

Short term benefits include showing the employees that we are investing in them and want the best for them in terms of integration.

The long-term goals are:

. Giving Muraflex employees extra qualifications

. Enabling easier internal promotions and replacements

. Providing a sense of stability

. Reducing turnover rates

. Creating a safer work environment.


The results show: Over the past 5 months, the turnover rates have decreased significantly. There have also been far fewer accidents thanks to the health and safety trainings.

Muraflex intends on continuing their devotion to the employee wellbeing. The next step is a training with door assemblers and CNC machinists so that they gain their certificate internally, on company time.

Training courses are not limited to the industry. French courses will soon become available to the many Muraflex employees who’ve immigrated to Canada from over 60 countries.

Providing such opportunities to employees not only helps them grow. It gives them a change from their usual routine. This increases energy and motivation, thus making for a positive work environment with potential for immense advancement.

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