Letter from The CEO

Dear Muraflex family and friends,

As CEO, I am thrilled to share with you our resolute commitment to sustainability at Muraflex. In a world where our choices resonate far beyond our immediate surroundings, it is our responsibility to pioneer initiatives that redefine our impact on the environment. When we set out to bring European design to North America, we did so keeping in mind the combination of visual luxury and environmental efficiency. 

Muraflex is continuously on a transformative journey towards a more sustainable future. Our focus on sustainability is not just a corporate initiative, it’s a testament to our unwavering dedication to crafting a better world through design and innovation.

Green by Design: Eco-Conscious Material Practices

At Muraflex, our commitment to responsible materials extends beyond our glazed partitions. Crafted predominantly from aluminum and glass, our products, GreenGuard Gold certified, undergo rigorous testing for volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.  Transparency is paramount; we provide full disclosure of ingredients through the Declare Product Label and actively vet our suppliers. We work closely with them to manage our supply chain, guaranteeing not only quality but also alignment with our ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) objectives. By fostering a collaborative and conscientious supply chain, Muraflex ensures that every component contributes to our sustainability mission.

Circular Economy Commitment

Muraflex is at the forefront of embracing the circular economy, a comprehensive strategy guiding us from product inception to end-of-life decisions. Rooted in the three principles of eliminating waste and pollution, circulating products at their highest value, and regenerating nature, our commitment extends to the design phase. Our glazed partitions are meticulously crafted for disassembly, reuse, and recycling, ensuring that even at the end of their lifecycle, they contribute to a closed-loop system. By prioritizing circular practices, Muraflex goes beyond conventional end-of-life options, actively participating in a sustainable and regenerative economy.

Fostering Community, Diversity, and Well-being

At Muraflex, sustainability begins with our people. We prioritize employee well-being through programs that foster a healthy, inclusive, and diverse work environment. From wellness initiatives to training programs promoting sustainability awareness, we invest in our team's growth and happiness. Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) ensures that every voice is heard, valued, and celebrated within our organization. Additionally, our dedication extends beyond our walls; we actively engage with and contribute to the communities where we operate. Through charitable initiatives, partnerships, and community development projects, Muraflex is dedicated to making a positive impact beyond business, ensuring that our values resonate not just in the workplace but also within the communities we call home.

Governance for a Sustainable Future: ESG Commitment

In the realm of ESG, governance stands as the cornerstone of Muraflex's commitment to sustainability. Our corporate governance practices ensure transparency, accountability, and ethical decision-making. Anchored in rigorous standards, we actively integrate sustainability considerations into our strategic planning and decision processes. Central to our governance approach is the establishment of an ESG Committee. Collaborating with external partners and consultants, this committee spearheads the development of our ESG action plan, roadmap, and deployment strategy. The ESG Committee convenes bi-weekly to meticulously track progress, ensuring that Muraflex remains steadfast in its dedication to environmental, social, and governance principles.