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image - MIMO and EXPO for Stunning First Impressions

MIMO and EXPO for Stunning First Impressions

With offices in the hearts of the two metropolitan cities of Toronto and Montreal, this media firm has chosen similar systems for both sibling branches, maintaining its brand vision between the provinces with parallel designs.

A company that represents you must first and foremost represent its best self. A stunning entrance is the optimal way to create memorable first impressions. Both the Toronto and Montreal offices have chosen anodized black rectangle ladder pulls that reach the ground, a unique touch that adds to the sleek, minimalist feel. The sliding door as a choice of entrance invites clients and visitors into its world of possibilities.

This combination of MIMO and EXPO above allows the unobstructed passage of natural light throughout the office. EXPO has the ability to convert a spacious meeting room into an extended, open plan. It truly allows you to feel the transformation of any space, as well as its vastness.

Waiting areas with glazed walls allow a glimpse into the inner world of a company, whether that's the excitement of a brainstorming session or a conclusive meeting. A demountable wall like MIMO serves as a winning solution for interaction, collaboration, and creativity. Prospective clients and employees have a glimpse into the inner workings of a company, and thus a connection to your brand. This media company has chosen not only the same wall system but similar furniture and layout as a commitment to their trademark style.

Making open working areas and meeting rooms visible to each other creates a sense of collaboration and openness in an office. MIMO allows the passage of natural light throughout the office, whether you’re in a closed meeting area, a larger conference room, or at a shared desk. The black anodized finish adds a sleek touch, complementing the navy blue, silver, and white shades of the office.

This expansive MIMO below brings a sense of merging between the public sitting area and the meeting room. The unobstructed passage of natural light, reinforced by the reflection of the visible high-rises, creates an open, calming effect for anyone experiencing this waiting room area. We once again see how both offices have chosen similar brands of furniture, maintaining a sense of uniformity and familiarity. 

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