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image - From Drafting to Team Lead! Well Done, Hussein!

From Drafting to Team Lead! Well Done, Hussein!

Muraflex is proud of Hussein Elgendy for his hard work, determination, and success at Muraflex! Promoted not once but twice in the span of a mere year, this progress exemplifies our core value, “Yes, we can!” In the same way that we try to make our clients’ visions come to life, we aim to acknowledge the exceptional efforts of our employees and express our appreciation accordingly.

Who is Hussein?

Hussein Elgendy started his career in Cairo in the field of architecture and interior design. His experience ranges from preparing reports, managing construction projects, collaborating with architects, engineers, clients and contractors, and fluency in several types of software. Hussein moved to Canada and completed his master’s degree at Concordia University in Construction Management. Three years later, he was scooped up by Muraflex in March 2021, a company that instantly recognizes potential.

Hussein’s Journey at Muraflex

Hussein started off in the drafting department, involved in rendering and preliminary drawings. Working mainly with the Revit 3D software, Hussein quickly accustomed himself to the general work environment: friendly, yet professional. Another important factor that set Muraflex apart from his previous experiences was the product itself: While we specialize in interior architecture, demountable glazed walls were a whole new arena to Hussein. Both the novelty of the product as well as the upbeat energy of the company inspired Hussein to fulfill his potential.

From Drafting to Estimation

Five months later, in August 2020, Hussein moved to the estimation department where he further polished his organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to work in a fast-paced environment. “Muraflex inspires me to take on a challenge,” says Hussein. With help from his mentors, project manager Rafa Alvadaro and technical communications manager Hourie Zeitounlian, Hussein was ready to take his next step. By July 2021, less than a year later, Hussein was the team leader of his department.

Becoming a Team Lead

Working alongside fellow team lead, Hadieh Alai, Hussein now reports directly to Giovanni Mastroianni, director of estimation. Hussain’s new duties include training, overseeing the projects assigned to his team, managing schedules, and ensuring that deadlines are met.

Hussein as a Leader

The first time I had to interact with Hussein on a substantial level was to write this piece. The only thing that I knew about him prior was that he had that rare ability to put everyone within his radius at ease. Some see leadership as assertion, dominance, intimidation. Hussein seems to have taken the steady, solution-oriented route. Even in our short meeting, I noticed that Hussein is driven, humble, and attentive. I especially appreciated that he took the time to answer my questions during a very busy and demanding day. Hussein is a natural listener and therefore able to understand what his clients and employees need of him.

Nothing is impossible at Muraflex. Whether it’s to bring out clients’ vision into life, expand our staff during a deep pandemic, or accelerate an employee’s career, we are comfortable with testing the limits and beyond.

We wish Hussein all the best in his role and look forward to seeing what his future to Muraflex brings to him!

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