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image - Seven Ways to Sustain a Thriving Organizational Culture

Seven Ways to Sustain a Thriving Organizational Culture

Winning the Best Managed Companies award is more than financial stability, an impressive portfolio of office designs, or having a revenue over certain digits: It’s about creating a work environment where people actually look forward to coming into work every day. Newly-hired content writer shares her account of her first weeks at Muraflex, showing us how Muraflex stood out from her other job prospect, made her feel at home, and motivated her to expand her creativity.


1.  Everyone is Important: Clients, Suppliers, Employees.

While other companies scheduled phone or Zoom calls, Muraflex asked me to come in person and offered me tea and coffee. Amidst those glazed walls and floor to ceiling windows, this pre-pandemic touch in an otherwise uniquely futuristic setting was a refreshing change. I had missed this human interaction. I felt less like a digital robot, and so did they to me. I immediately knew that I wanted to come to this office space every day. The kind of respect I received from Muraflex during the interview process – especially compared to the coldness of other companies - was an accurate foretelling how they would treat me. And I was right. 

I would also later learn that during the pandemic of 2020, when companies and corporations worldwide were either downsizing their staff or reducing salaries, Muraflex not only managed to keep their employees on board but also move buildings and smoothly continue their businesses. This just goes to show that Muraflex is a company that values its staff.


2. FORZA! Together, we can!

Like anyone at a new job, I was nervous going into my first day at work. Like the first day at a new school, I felt as if I were once again a little girl intimidated of navigating a new building and new faces. As a precaution, I showed up extra early. While I waited awkwardly in the café area, Marcello the Executive VP passed by me, welcomed me, and offered me a coffee. It was a relief and a good omen that the VP himself was casual and friendly.  

Following that initial welcome, I was truly taken care of by everyone. After introductions, I was escorted to my desk where I found an hour-by-hour layout of what my first two days are going to look like. In other workplaces, I’m used to being thrown into the water with the sharks, left on my own to figure out what needs to be done and why I’m there. The marketing department took care to make me feel that I’m in safe hands and can ask for ample guidance. They had put aside time in their full schedules for my thorough and detailed training, demonstrating the plethora of wall systems, patiently answering and re-answering all my questions. It is this kind of clear communication and thorough organization that I cherish in a working relationship. Equally importantly, they maintained a sense of humor which keeps spirits high and creativity running. An excellent headstart such as this gave me the motivation and energy that encouraged me to do my best.


3. Ambiance: Formal, yet Festive

Though not an official office rule, all the employees and staff at Muraflex happen to be well-dressed. We take pride in our presentation and appearance. After all, elegance is part of our motto. It was my opportunity to bring out my business clothes that had been sitting in a closet for a long and lonely pandemic year. 

That said, the work vibe itself is friendly. As a new employee, I immediately felt at home. Whether it’s their Italian warmth or their salesmanship, even the CEO and Executive VP, brothers Fernando and Marcello Petreccia give us the feeling that they’re looking out for each and every one of us. The glazed partition systems add an extra touch of beauty and connection. It also helps keep employees at ease, inspiring creativity, confidence and a “Yes, we can,” attitude.


4. Diversity and Neurodiversity

While French and English are the most commonly spoken languages in Quebec, Muraflex goes an extra mile to embrace diversity and hire its staff from various backgrounds. 27 different languages are currently spoken at Muraflex. This melange of different cultures adds vibrancy to an office space. We also look for employees with a variety of talents, and try our best to accommodate different needs. We recognize that whereas some people thrive better in a team, some prefer to work independently. Some are morning birds while others' creativity piques in the afternoon. Muraflex finds a way to work around everyone’s needs, and our differences are fully embraced.


5. Enthusiasm

If you’re looking to work in an upbeat environment, Muraflex is your place. The HR department makes sure there’s consistent cheer: from surprise pizza in the lunchroom, to daily name draws for presents around the holiday season. This attitude seeps out into our exterior relationships as well. Muraflex has a high engagement rate on social media, with the marketing team posting daily at least once on each platform: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Archello. Even during quiet COVID times, we make sure to reach out to the world. Making sure to take all the safety precautions, pre-holiday cheer – such as the gingerbread house competition – were upheld at Muraflex. “People needed this,” said Petrecia, “They need to have fun a little, after the two years we’ve been through.”  

We also foster enthusiasm by announcing small achievements and milestones. An email is sent out to the whole company once anyone has a birthday, a promotion, a baby, etc. Even welcome emails are sent out company-wide to announce the arrival of new employees.


6. Commitment to Donations.

Upon recognizing our privileges, Muraflex accepts the importance of giving back to the community. This contributes to our organizational culture of maintaining connections to various communities throughout North America. Altruism spreads cheer and reduces stress, thereby making Muraflex a happy workplace. Our donations from 2021 include Moisson Montreal in Canada and Feeding America in the USA.


7. Demountable Walls are Flexible, and so is Muraflex.

Glazed walls offer a choice between privacy and openness. As a new employee, I always feel that (unless in a meeting), my marketing manager and director of marketing are always within reach. With glass walls and partitions, they get to have an open-door policy while simultaneously having privacy and quiet. During the long stretched-out pandemic, employees are allowed to work from home under certain times and conditions, though the office doors are always open to them. Muraflex goes the extra mile to ensure the well-being and safety of their employees. If I’m having a difficult day, I know I can safely go to my superiors. I trust that they will listen to me, and work their best towards finding solutions that work for everyone.


Key Takeaways:

A sense of belonging and agency keeps people motivated and connected. Some ways to do this are through activities, treats and surprises, celebrating small achievements, and having a sense of humour. Glazed walls, among other demountable wall solutions, help achieve connection whilst simultaneously giving employees a sense of a privacy.

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