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image - Learning New Perspectives

Learning New Perspectives

Unusual angles, writable walls, and room schedulers: this project utilizes several of the practical features that Muraflex makes possible.  

Northeastern University wants best for its students, and so re-designed Snell Library to act as a platform for intellectual thriving. This student-centered space boasts as a breeding ground for creativity and collaboration.  

Some of the first words that come to mind when we think of a library are “quiet”, “productivity,’” and “inspiration.” Demountable partitions FINO and PLANIKA successfully achieve all three (and more) in this project.  

The layout of this project was no straightforward endeavor, as the designers played with unconventional geometry. Rooms with FINO and PLANIKA walls are built throughout the library space over three floors. While traditional rooms are squares or rectangles, Muraflex was able to accommodate varying shapes to satisfy this custom design. Precision was therefore of utmost importance. Each degree of every angle had to be accounted for in order for the design to be functional.  

The clients’ initial concern was the construction process itself, and what that would mean in terms of academic disruptionWe resolved this by implementing the phase approach. The project is built on three floors of the library. We used this to our advantage and worked on one floor at a time. We started with the 4th floor and worked our way to the bottom. The initial phase of development gave us an idea of what the project will look like throughout the building. The seamless momentum of the installations allowed students to continue using the library with minimum interference. They now enjoy fully customized rooms, designed to fit their educational needs. 

The aesthetic choices add further value to the student experience, creating spaces that are user-friendlymotivating, and have a touch of playfulness. The designers chose sliding doors which take up less room and allow easier access if multiple students are entering and exiting the pods. The 48” ladder pulls are elegant without distracting from the rest of the design.  

The subdued charcoal powder coat on the FINO finishes allows the creativity-inducing colors to remain the center of attention. Inviting violets, royal blues and deep ochres add richness and life to the entire space. They are enjoyed by the room occupiers and non-users alike. 

The students also benefit from PLANIKA walls. Their rewritable surfaces are designed for brainstorming, presentations, and organizational purposes. Students use the room schedulers to book study sessions, group meetings, online presentations, or for assignments that require extra quiet and attention. In this way, the rooms offer the students a space that has superior acoustics, further accommodating various learning styles. 

This project showcases the versatility of demountable partitions alongside conventional wall-to-wall solutions. 

FINO offers quiet visibility and collaboration, while PLANIKA gives students a literal physical platform to convey and organize their ideas. The project successfully gives the students at Northeastern University a means to a more interactive educational experience. 

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