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Muraflex transforms floor plans into architectural spaces. With a European touch, our design-savvy demountable glass office wall systems and freestanding pods create a distinguished work environment, bringing elegance and purpose together. Rather than permanent drywall, benefit from safe, flexible and reconfigurable walls through one of our 7 lines: MIMO, FINO and QUADRO our demountable glass partitions, EXPO our telescoping door, the versatile demising wall system PLANIKA, and finally two freestanding pods: ARCO and ZITTO.

Glass Partitions

Innovation & Performance

Innovation & Performance

Brushed. Anodized.<br>Veneer. Powder Coated.

Brushed. Anodized.
Veneer. Powder Coated.

Single, Double,
and Curved glazed systems

Single, Double,<br>and Curved glazed systems

We are

Our engineers have crafted the industry’s most aesthetically comprehensive demountable glass office wall solutions. With an unflinching commitment to R&D and ecologically-sensitive designs, we aim to be pioneers and develop better solutions to respond to the challenges architects and designers are continually face.

Adaptable & Customizable

Superior acoustical performance

Superior acoustical performance