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Muraflex transforms floor plans into architectural spaces. With a European touch, our design-savvy demountable glass office wall systems and freestanding pods create a distinguished work environment, bringing elegance and purpose together. Rather than permanent drywall, benefit from safe, flexible and reconfigurable walls through one of our 7 lines: MIMO, FINO and QUADRO our demountable glass partitions, EXPO our telescoping door, the versatile demising wall system PLANIKA, and finally two freestanding pods: ARCO and ZITTO.

Glass Partitions

Innovation & Performance

Brushed. Anodized.
Veneer. Powder Coated.

Single, Double,
and Curved glazed systems

We are

Our engineers have crafted the industry’s most aesthetically comprehensive demountable glass office wall solutions. With an unflinching commitment to R&D and ecologically-sensitive designs, we aim to be pioneers and develop better solutions to respond to the challenges architects and designers are continually face.

Adaptable & Customizable

Superior acoustical performance

Do It Your
and Zitto

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