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image - Seven Office Trends in 2023

Seven Office Trends in 2023

As we’re transitioning into new beginnings, so is the work culture all over the globe. While some tried-and-true practices are kept in place, we are also observing the evolution of offices and anticipating what they might look like in the coming year. Open-office concepts are gradually replacing cubicles, workplaces have more leisure options such as ping-pong tables, and breaks by the coffee machines are now seen as beneficial rather than unproductive.

Here are some trends that experts predict for the current year:

1. Minimalism

Architectural designs are focussed on being clean and clutter-free, and selective with detail. A sparse space leaves room for creativity. A minimalist look such as glass walls exudes professionalism, thereby making office spaces impressive and inviting to employees and clients alike.

2. Sustainability

Companies all over the globe are now prioritizing sustainability more than ever. An important factor to consider starts from a workplace’s architecture. The choice to use fully recyclable materials such as glass and aluminum is an easy way to do it. Furthermore, demountable glass walls are the sustainable choice for several reasons: They allow sunlight throughout any space, permit the possibility of reusing material, and provide an eco-friendly alternative to drywall when re-doing an office space.

3. Mental Wellbeing

Companies are recognizing the importance of mental well being: At Muraflex, for example, we have very ambitious Halloween costume competitions every year, which include free lunches, games, and music for the employees. On a foundational level, architecture matters. Glazed walls contribute to mental wellbeing in several ways: access to sunlight, increasing serotonin, improving sleep, a sense of mobility, and superior acoustics just to name a few.

4. Transparency

Transparency is becoming more essential as companies are looking to shrink the hierarchy gap amongst employees. Glass walls are increasing in popularity as they eliminate an extra layer of obstacle when it comes to connectivity and collaboration.

5. Office as a space of communion

As many companies have switched to hybrid, the office has become a place where employees can gather and experience a human connection. This has been received as a refreshing change from an isolating home environment and on-screen relationships. In-person interactions have become something of a luxury and are returning to popularity. This is also a great way to reduce Zoom fatigue.

6. Pods and Privacy

In the same way that cats seek enclosed, cozy spaces, us adults can enjoy pods as a getaway nest when we need a break from the world. Pods are an excellent way to provide privacy and concentration without the requirement of an extra room. Our freestanding pod, ZITTO, is designed with beauty, acoustics, and multi-functionality in mind. Pods come in different sizes. Uno, for example, is perfect for single-use whereas Duo can fit up to 4 individuals. Freestanding pods are a welcome and eco-friendly addition to any office.

7. Room Schedulers

Muraflex is up to date with technology that increases efficiency throughout the office. Room schedulers are an excellent and easy way to avoid overbooking, misunderstandings, and multiple consultations. More reliable than scheduling via word of mouth, clear electronic evidence puts everyone on the same page. Room schedulers also give your office an impressive touch, showcasing your brand as organised and having foresight.

How many of these office trends do you think will last? Would we see still see them in the year 2024?

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