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image - 7 Reasons Why Glass Walls Enhance Mental Wellbeing

7 Reasons Why Glass Walls Enhance Mental Wellbeing

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, spring is here. The smartest way to take advantage of it during working hours is the installation of glass partitions.

Muraflex goes above and beyond to ensure the emotional and mental wellbeing of its employees. This is done by planning team-building activities, providing health insurance, and other benefits such as free parking or discounted transit fare. What tops them all, however, is that our office is our showroom, and our products inadvertently make an office a happier workplace.

A survey conducted by Future Workplace found that natural light is so important that employees choose it over more costly perks such as free daycare or on-site gyms. This is likely because they recognize that natural light is a necessity, and access to it every day is a part of mental well-being. Gyms, parking, free donuts, and other perks are used from time to time by some employees, whereas natural sunlight (or the lack thereof) is something that’s felt constantly, by everyone.

If you live in the northern hemisphere, you’ve welcomed the vanishing of snow and the arrival of spring that’s transforming into summer. If you work in an office like mine, you’re lucky to have glazed walls. You won’t be missing out on the sunny weather, no matter what the season.

What makes sunlight (and thus glazed partition systems) essential for happiness? In this blog article, we will explore the ways in which sunlight – and by proxy, glazed walls - benefit your health, thereby making you a more creative, productive, and content human being.


Everyone’s favorite feel-good chemical can be attained without illegal drugs. Several scientific findings indicate a strong correlation between serotonin and improved mood. Contact with the sun makes our body produce it, thus increasing motivation, productivity, and higher levels of creativity. This study published in Nature talks about reducing seasonal depression with sunlight. A good morale improves teamwork, communication with clients, and a general sense of career satisfaction. 

With FINO, MIMO, QUADRO, EXPO, ARCO and ZITTO, entire rooms can be made out of glazed partitions. This means that the whole office benefits from the most abundant and cost-effective source of serotonin: sunlight. A “window office” can be enjoyed by everyone, which leads to motivation and thus better productivity.

Better Sleep - Better Productivity 

While serotonin makes you more alert, it is also responsible for the production of melatonin, one of the chemicals that prepares you to fall asleep. The presence of sunlight reminds our circadian rhythm what time it really is. There are few better things for mood and productivity than a good night’s sleep, and glass walls help. In addition to higher alertness during the day, serotonin is equally essential for deep sleep. A good night’s rest stimulates us for a day of work and prepares us to tackle overwhelming challenges.

Sense Of Freedom And Mobility

The visibility provided by glazed partitions gives the illusion of space, belonging, and accessibility. Studies have shown that glazed walls play a significant part in stress reduction, and this may be because glass walls give a perceived sense of choice. Humans like to feel like they are not boxed in, that they have a connection to the outside world, as well as to the people in their intimate professional setting. 

Lower Blood Pressure

When sunlight touches us, so do UV-A rays, which react with the nitric oxide in the external layers of our skin. This causes the blood vessels to widen, thereby allowing our blood to move through us with more ease. Other studies have also shown that individuals with a higher vitamin D content tend to have lower blood pressure. They’ve also seen that blood pressure levels fluctuate according to seasons, and that the winter months show higher levels of blood pressure. An easy way to balance out the difference is by using glazed partitions for a stress-reduced environment. Employees can focus on their work in a calm, composed setting. 

Natural Light - Better Productivity 

Another discovery made by the Future Workplace study was that employees who had more access to natural sunlight were more likely to have regular attendance and produce better work. What’s more, all the points mentioned above (serotonin, improved sleep, reduced stress) all contribute towards higher productivity. Sunlight wakes you up and fills you with joy, or at least contentment. Depression inhibits motivation, productivity, and creativity.

Better Eye Health

A research study conducted by Dr. Alan Hedge from Cornell University shows that offices with access to natural light shows a 5% drop in eyestrain, 63% fewer headaches and 56% reduction in drowsiness. Eyestrain also makes you lose your ability to produce your best work because it causes headaches and lack of concentration. Natural daylight is more than a luxury, it’s a part of humane working conditions.

Glass Walls For Privacy

Glass partitions are also better for retaining privacy while gaining communal access to sunlight. Many glass walls have superior acoustical properties and switch glass that make it opaque. Our glazed walls are available with drop seals. Once their doors close, these seals are instantly dropped onto the floor, securing tight, sound-proof edges all along the systems. The exception to the rule is the spiraling wonder, ARCO, a design so genius that no door is required to block out sound. Some employees thrive well in collaboration and teamwork, while some can let their creativity flow when no one is listening. Glazed partitions accommodate both types of intelligences.


Glazed walls not only look good; they also feel good. As so much research has discovered, natural daylight is as much a human right as food, water, and shelter. It helps you sleep better, laugh more, clears your mind, paving the way for productivity and creativity.

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