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image - Sky's the Limit

Sky's the Limit

Stylish, sophisticated, and sleek, Mayer Brown’s new LA branch has won the 2023 Southern California Best Project. ENR California commends the firm’s efforts to make the space feel vast, the constructional challenges that were tackled during the pandemic, and the additional features such as the water installation that gives the office an almost other-worldly touch.  


The California branch of Mayer Brown benefits from not one, not two, but three Muraflex systems. The project is built on two floors, keeping a feel of open air in mind. The space’s users are made to feel that they are in an environment that transcends its interiors. The systems keep this office glossy and open, while the maintaining their own subtlety. Even with the stairway connecting the two floors, the office reception exudes an aura of limitlessness.

In the background, you can see an open EXPO which merges the two spaces, making the conference room look more like a section of the area at large.

This is the same telescopic door, EXPO, shut and from another angle. This hallway perspective shows us that the DREAM poster along the wooden wall takes the edge of the otherwise seriousness of the space, making it a tad less intimidating. The egress doors give the wall a smart, polished touch while simultaneously providing safety.

Glossy floors and windows overlook the commanding heads of fellow skyscrapers, while FINO stands quiet in the background, allowing the space to speak for itself.

QUADRO with a white veneer oak trim significantly livens up the gray hallway, make a contrast with the exposed ceilings. The fact that they’ve chosen QUADRO on all these doors in the hallway create a satisfying visual pattern as our gaze follows it to the end of the corridor. The wooden pivot doors with 84” ladder pulls complement the oak trims of the QUADRO walls.


We are proud to be a crucial part of a project that won the firm the Best Interior award! We look forward to future projects such as this which adopted thoughtful planning and daring innovation.

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