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image - Studio BV Pushes Boundaries in Parameters Showroom

Studio BV Pushes Boundaries in Parameters Showroom

Great design transcends mere aesthetics to blend form and function towards a specific goal.

That’s why creating a space that allows people to experience the true impact and possibility of Muraflex’s line of products required an elite design team. Studio BV exceeded already high expectations with their transformation of the Parameters Showroom in Minneapolis into a stunning display of modern workspace possibility.

The 15,00 square foot space is much more than a standard offering of individual products. It is, instead, a living experience that allows visitors to engage with the beauty, engineering, and interconnection of Muraflex’s flagship product lines. Because Muraflex’s products are designed to be compatible, both directly with each other and as complimentary parts of a space, Parameters’ visitors are being treated to diverse combinations and layouts which are limited almost exclusively by the imagination.

From Thought to Reality: The Transformation Power of Good Design

The stars of the Studio BV creation in Minneapolis are the Muraflex MIMO, FINO, PLANIKA, and EXPO interior partitions. To understand how these products can be combined to elevate workspaces, it will help to understand their special features.


The MIMO partition system is the perfect fit for the modern and minimalist workplace. With a no-frills approach to dividing space, MIMO still offers surprising features and impressive functionality. The MIMO pocket sliding doors are a perfect fit for narrow hallways or high traffic areas where open doors present a problem. Furthermore, the ability to accommodate electrical wiring or plumbing allows for the most efficient use of space possible. The fully demountable nature of MIMO combined with the vast range of available options, including anodized or powder coated finishes, allows for the customization of your space without the commitment of permanent walls. Best of all, despite the minimalist aesthetic, MIMO still features excellent STC ratings. If your space needs a minimalist look without compromising quality - MIMO delivers.  


FINO line by Muraflex is a marriage between elegant Italian design and international engineering refinement that perfectly bends aesthetics and practicality. When the doors are closed, whether pivot or sliding, all profiles perfectly align creating an architect’s dream of completely aligned and flushed elevations with no overlaps. With the thinnest profile of any Muraflex partition, double and curved glazing, and a stunning range of customization options, one might think that FINO is mostly an aesthetic choice. This is especially true as FINO is available in every finish Muraflex offers including wood veneer, brushed anodized and polished. However, its stylish looks hide deep engineering innovations including drop seals for the doors, and advanced mechanisms.  Yet to leave nothing but the sleekness of the extrusion apparent, all mechanical components are entirely hidden within the profile. An extremely high STC rating up to 46, depending on chosen glazing, demonstrates that FINO has brawn as well as beauty. A hallway of offices featuring FINO partitions captures the essence of the simple and sophisticated workplace design with a seamless span of profile both at the top and bottom. If your goal is to impress - FINO perfectly elevates any workplace by creating privacy without sacrificing functionality or style. 


EXPO is the height of versatility, allowing for instant transformations between fully open space and private work and meeting areas. The trackless bottom, up to 50-foot span, and telescoping configuration allow for the dual use of space without the compromises that usually accompany the convenience. When the need for more floor space arises, most moveable partitions take up a great deal of space and remain an unsightly presence in the office, not to mention the effort required to move them around. Similarly, when the need for privacy arises, partitions can be hard to move back into place and immediately reduce the availability of natural light. EXPO’s clever telescoping construction and impressive STC rating of 33, blend the best of both options without the drawbacks of either. For versatility with style, nothing beats EXPO.


PLANIKA allows you to have the exact floorplan you need, on your terms. The robust steel structure of PLANIKA makes it durable enough for nearly any use in settings ranging from offices to retail space to healthcare facilities and beyond. With PLANIKA’s panel system, you can change and customize your space whenever and however you want or need. Even for uses where privacy is critical, PLANIKA’s STC rating of up to 55 protects your confidentiality as well as a double layer of half inch drywall with insulation. However, unlike drywall, PLANIKA is entirely demountable, meaning it can be moved or removed according to the changing needs of your space. Beyond allowing for the customization of a floorplan without permanent drywall construction, PLANIKA allows for the integration of furnishings as well as Muraflex MIMO and FINO systems for hybrid floor plans tailored to exact requirements. These options, coupled with the PLANIKA’s impressive range of material and color choices, give you the ability to bring your vision to life. With PLANIKA, you are in complete control of your space and free to change your mind and your surroundings as often as the need arises.

Studio BV created a marvelous experience in the Parameters Showroom that explored the interconnected possibilities of Muraflex’s flagship products. If you would like information about a showroom near you or to find out more about Muraflex products, please contact us.

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