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image - Easy Guide To Demountable Walls

Easy Guide To Demountable Walls

Manufacturers of demisable office partitions, Muraflex has anticipated and resolved your office needs. Which of our products best suits your business needs?


Flexibility and adaptability are the trending passions of the 21st century. The pace of work (and life) are moving faster than ever, and humans are developing their skill to keep up with change. Architects, contractors and designers are constantly implementing and developing new ways to make buildings more environmentally sustainable, maximizing their clients’ LEED points, and maintaining planet-friendly practices. They also want to make it feasible for clients to be able to change their office layout in cases such as staff growth or reduction, seasonable shifts, or even for a fresh look. 

Founder Fernando Petreccia saw great potential in demountable walls as they were coming into global popularity. As per their prediction, Muraflex expanded in New York and all over the US, bringing European design into North America.


Just as different clothes suit different body types, or different cuisines fit different climates, Muraflex designs a variety of glazed and demountable walls for various business needs. Our goal is to understand your brand, your industry, and your unique business. Keeping in mind your company’s size, nature, the existing architectural structure of your building, Muraflex offers seven systems. All our systems are manufactured in our warehouse and are adaptable and customizable to our clients’ specific needs and visions. With our commitment to European design and domestic lead times, Muraflex thrives on innovations and is constantly updating its partition systems whilst developing new ones.

So which demountable wall system is best for you?


MIMO- Minimal. Modern. – And so much more.

A classic go-to, MIMO is a flexible demountable wall that is modern and minimalist. Available in a variety of finishes, MIMO can be free-standing up to 10ft in height, and limitless with clerestory. Its durability and strength allow for quick and convenient installation, and it accommodates itself around your existing flooring. Choosing MIMO –like all our products – increases your LEED points. MIMO is made from recyclable materials. Glazed walls not only increase visibility within an office space but also give access to natural sunlight. Sourcing locally means not only less time for your product to get to you, but also reduced transportation, which means you’re being environmentally conscious. MIMO is a smart, efficient way to make your office beautiful as well as earth friendly. 


FINO – Thin. Modern. Architectural.

A luxurious upgrade, FINO comes with slimmer extrusions and creates a sophisticated profile for your office rooms and partitions. If you’re looking for a chic look, FINO epitomizes elegance whilst maximizing your office space. Just as with our other systems, FINO comes in an optional drop seal which gives it its superior acoustic abilities. A quieter office exudes an aura of prestige. FINO is built in either single, double or curved glazing. The finishes come in a plethora of options, from a charming, anodized champagne to warmer wood veneers. Specialty glasses customize your glazing and hardware to match your office logo or brand.


QUADRO – Highlight your workspace.

Why does putting something into a frame alerts us to its beauty? I first noticed this when I worked in a Kindergarten. At the end of every school year, teachers would gather the artwork done by the toddlers, paste them into neatly cut chart papers, and place them next to one another on the wall. What was once a crumpled spilling was suddenly a neat, intentional part of a visual treat.

Inspired by a literal frame, QUADRO highlights your office like a work of art. It is available in single and double glazing, as well as hanging panels unique to you and your brand. When double glazed, the space between the two panels provides superior acoustics. The panels can be designed in wood, felt or fabric. They are completely customizable in terms of colour and can be adapted to your personal taste. They also act as an obstacle to sound, further enhancing your acoustics. If you’re craving an aura of luxury and a signature touch, QUADRO is the system for you.


EXPO – Multiply your options exponentially.

EXPO is designed for multifunctionality, as it can turn an open-office concept into private meeting rooms with a flip of a switch. Along with its wondrous, transformative effect, this motorized telescoping door systems also comes with remarkable optional features such as contactless switches, room schedulers, and switch glass that changes it from visible to opaque. EXPO is available in both manual and motorized systems. Synchronized telescopic doors are a satisfying treat to watch as they slide in and out of themselves, like an accordion. An environment that works for you, EXPO is perfect for collaborative meeting spaces for dynamic brainstorming and private meetings alike. EXPO’s innovative design earned it a position as a finalist for an Architizer award in 2021.


PLANIKA – Stylish. Smart. Safe.

Stable, solid PLANIKA is Muraflex’s demising wall system which stands out for its resilience and strength. Along with its anti-seismic, acoustic and fire-resistant properties, PLANIKA is made with elegance in mind and is available in a variety of materials and colors. PLANIKA is also adaptable, and can be easily installed and uninstalled, making it even more environmentally sustainable. It is available with several interchangeable surfaces, fabrics for a more intimate feel, steel panels with magnetic accessories such as shelves, hooks and pencil-holders, or solid panels to be used as a whiteboard. PLANIKA is a flexible platform for creatives such as professors, researchers, and designers. Its use can vary on a daily basis and is an ideal space for brainstorming.


Collaborative work – made easy and private.

The design with a twist, ARCO is world within a bigger one. Its clever engineering blocks out sound from outer spaces, and can be used as a meeting room, lunch area, or a recess space. Because of its size, ARCO is best suited for larger spaces such as airports, universities, or malls. This spiraling wonder is the prime example of elegance meeting functionality. ARCO also won the HIP award  in 2016 in the wall systems category for its original and beautiful design.


Do it your way – and ZITTO.

Perfect for a little break from the noise of the world, ZITTO, like ARCO, fits into a larger space, creating the illusion of an inner world. Unlike ARCO, however, ZITTO is for single-person, or 2-4 person use and can fit into a smaller space. Designed to eliminate unwanted distractions in open-plan office environments, the freestanding ZITTO pod is not only a soundproof private space but also a beautifully designed piece of interior architecture. With its glass panels and sleek frame, ZITTO is a visually capturing distraction-free zone, while spacious and welcoming for productive two-person meetings.

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